Family Bottling

The family that bottles together stays together. That’s my motto and I am sticking to it. What better way to bond with your teenage kids then to have them help in the family business — Ha. They love the mesmerizing work of sanitizing bottles and schlepping 30 pound boxes of wine they can’t even drink. But then there is corking. The key to success is laying down the gauntlet. Who can cork the fastest — two fifty-something aunties or a teenager? A case of 12 bottles corked in less than one minute. I’ll let you guess who won? Right or wrong, witness firsthand the bottling of our scrumptious 08 Pinot and Reserve Merlot in February.

One Response to “Family Bottling”

  1. matthew sands says:

    My wife and I are going to be headed to Santa Cruz in the next week, we are really excited to come to your vineyard as it really has the same feel as the vineyard that I am currently managing on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. We too have a lot of fun with bottling days and all of the fun chaos that it brings.
    Cheers, Matthew