Our First Harvest at Trout Gulch

October 22nd, 2010

A storm is coming. Should we pick—should we wait? Is the fruit as ripe as it can be? The fruit doesn’t melt in the rain does it? All these questions run through your mind. We decided to pick what we could before the storm—52 bins in two days. The Pinot Noir from this harvest is gorgeous! Plump fruit at just the right levels of ripeness. The Chardonnay is sweet and crisp. We guess there are another 16 bins worth of fruit on the vine that will ride out this weekend’s storm. We are assured that the vines are super healthy and will do just fine. We will harvest the remaining fruit once the rains pass and the fruit has a chance to warm up by the sun. According to Mr. Weatherman there are still warm days ahead. Can’t wait to taste the results!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for some great photos of harvest…

What an experience!

Farming isn’t for the Fainthearted!

October 3rd, 2010

Oh Man!  This weather is driving us crazy.  A long cool season followed by intense heat makes for stressed out grapes.  Some Pinot vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains are really suffering under the intense sun. We have been biting our nails as we watch the thermometer. Fortunately, the Pinot and Chardonnay at Trout Gulch are doing great thanks to Prudy Foxx and her team. They have been so thorough this season with canopy management and a rigorous spray program.  The fruit tastes divine and is well-balanced. The brix level (sugar content) is almost there. Harvest should be around the week of Oct 11. We are keeping our fingers crossed that mother nature will cooperate until then.

On the other hand, our 3-year old vineyard on Branciforte has a different story.  It had its first bit of fruit. We were so excited. Then the birds came and devoured every single grape! Our new little babies–gone! Looks like netting is in our future next year!!! We have learned so much.

Some of you have expressed an interest in helping out with harvest at Trout Gulch–I’ll be contacting you shortly.

Stat Tuned!


And the Winner is….

September 15th, 2010

 Wow, what a creative bunch y’all are!  We had so much fun reading everyone’s comments and suggestions for our “What’s in a Name? Contest”.

There were some additional entries such as…Barn Dancers Union, Swinging Swiggers, Boogie-Woogie Bottlers Club,  Rock’n Barn Buddies, Swirling Twirlers, just to name a few.

For those who voted the favorites by far were: “Creek Dancers”, “Waltzing Wino’s” and “Rhythm and Booze Club.”

And the winner is,  drum roll please… “Rhythm and Booze Club”! 

Entry was provided by Judy Barbeau.

I hope to get a picture of the winner with her bottle of Dancing Creek Chardonnay–that’s her favorite!

Thanks so much for making this a great contest.

More to come on the Rhythm and Booze Club!

What’s in a Name?

September 7th, 2010

Dancing Creek would like some help with creating a name for the wine club.

I know there are some clever people out there who can help us come up with a pithy and catchy name.  To give you some examples of what we are thinking…at Twisted Oak winery they refer to their club members as the “Twisted Few” or Tobin James winery refers to their club as the “James Gang” (they’re into a western theme). 

What should our club name be?

Send your suggestions to  http://dancingcreekwinery.com/wine-club-name-contest/ and the winner will receive a free bottle of Dancing Creek wine of their choice!  (Sorry we can only ship within California).  Contest ends on Sept 13!

Nail Biting

August 12th, 2010
Pretty Chardonnay

Check out this fruit! The vineyard in Aptos is very happy. The Chardonnay is thriving and the clusters are down right perfect. Makes for happy farmers. However, a lot can go wrong between now and harvest…pesky hungry birds, the sun…does it know its summer time? We are waiting anxiously to see what happens. Stay tuned!

New Art

July 9th, 2010

The youngest member of the household is becoming pretty artsy.  Crafting things out of recycled wine barrels is a great way to keep kids busy (and away from the computer). 

We know what our family is getting as Christmas gifts!

Dancing Creek Produces Award-Winning Wines!

June 14th, 2010
2010 West Coast Wine Competition Logo

We are extremely excited to announce that at the 2010 West Coast Wine Competition, Dancing Creek ‘08 Chardonnay took Silver, and the ‘08 Merlot took Bronze. Both are our first commercial releases!

The field of entries was approximately 1,400 from wineries located in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona, Baja California, British Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Cast Your Vote

June 1st, 2010
Wine Dog

While wine tasting have you ever stumbled upon a book called Wine Dogs? If you are a dog lover, this book is a great treasure full of pooches with plenty of personality. Ranging from the goofy to the most dignified, these dogs belong to a variety of wineries across the country. I have a great candidate for the next edition: This is Cooper, our wine dog. What do you think? Could he make the pages of “Wine Dog?”

May Growth

May 15th, 2010
May Growth

A little love and care, and LOTS, and LOTS, and LOTS of rain seem to create happy vines!! Now all we need is for Mother Nature to remember summer is almost here, and warm up the soil and the vines. We are very eager to see the result of our labor this harvest. Check back from time to time to see our progress.


March 22nd, 2010
New Vineyard

We all have dreams — some big, some small. Our dream for Dancing Creek is to have complete control from the field to the bottle. Spring days driving the tractor, fall harvest, making wine through the winter months, enjoying the fruits of your labor that following year.

One day an email arrives. A 15-acre vineyard of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is available in Aptos. We jumped on it. Known to many in the area us the “Trout Gulch Vineyard,” it produces rich and elegant wines. Cool marine fog permeates this vineyard, increasing the hang time on the vine to allow the fruit to develop into its perfect flavor so characteristic of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Pruning, spraying, obtaining a pesticide certification license, frost, mildew and god knows what, oh deer (and I mean the four-legged variety). What have we done? Are farmer tans sexy?